Quality Of Services

Landlord Legal only appoints professional staff, with extensive knowledge of the legalities of the rental market. Landlord Legal carefully selects service providers ensuring quality services are provided. Our documents and processes are up to date with all the applicable laws and regulations and are updated on a regular basis in accordance with any amendments to all the relevant acts and regulations.

Services Available

Provide Lease Documents

Many lease agreements end in arguments between the landlord and tenant. Experience has taught us that this can be avoided by starting the entire process with the correct documents; from the placing of an advertisement to the exit inspection.

Landlord Legal can provide the landlord with all the documents required, as well as assist the landlord in following the correct procedures.

Legal Documents

In the unfortunate event that a tenant fails to pay rent, the most important aspect to remember is that the correct action must be taken. It is essential that the correct letters must be sent and delivered within the specified timeframes in a manner which is accepted by the Courts. The Landlord Legal team has successfully evicted many defaulting tenants which have resulted in a vast national experience of all the requirements needed and procedures that must be adhered to. This we would like to offer you!


There is always a chance that even with all the actions taken by Landlord Legal that a tenant fails to remedy his/her breach of the lease agreement. The next steps must be taken by a legal practitioner, such as an attorney.

Landlord Legal has a panel of attorneys, specialising in evictions, who will receive the instruction to proceed with the necessary legal action. These costs will be covered and paid by Landlord Legal. Landlord Legal will appoint an attorney from their national panel. If necessary, the landlord will only be liable for the Sheriff’s costs.

Collection of non paid rent

Landlord Legal can assist you in this regard. Please contact us to learn more about the different options available to landlords.


The membership fee for a landlord is R 250-00 per month inclusive of VAT payable in advance by debit order.


Landlord Legal is more than willing to assist with legal and collection services where the landlord is not a member of Landlord Legal and has a non-paying tenant. Landlords are more than welcome to contact us for a quotation to obtain our services.